Friday, October 31, 2008

Candidates for Ice Cream, or Ice Cream for Candidates?

Out of curiousity (or boredom? -- I am waiting for the few trick or treaters who actually walk up the large hill of our dead end street...yes, it will be a long night) I did a Google search for "[candidate name] ice cream" and here are some of my favorites.

Back in the early days of the 2008 race for the White House, got us excited for a new flavor idea for Ben & Jerry's, Yes, Pecan!...this name was thought up by Aaron Nathan. Or was it? Rumor (or comments below) suggest this was on the Obama site some while before Aaron's submission, but it seems that Aaron was not aware of this when he came up with the idea in the library. Either way, it's a great name and flavor idea, and we wish B&J would make it! Go here for the rest of the story and some other great Obama ice cream names.

Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 called for entries Photoshopping John McCain...the first entry (and undoubtedly our favorite) involved McCain and a big ice cream cone...if only I could be John McCain in that photo.

Not much of note on Sarah Palin and ice cream. Turns out she is a fan of Moosetracks Ice Cream. According to the LA Times, that's what the Republican VP chose when she, John, and Cindy stopped at an ice cream shop in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Big news on the Sarah Palin/Ice Cream front. To make this banal story a little more interesting, the Denver Latest Word Blog notes a little faux pas made by the Denver Post: Apparently, in a story about a crash into a Baskin Robbins, someone mistakenly inserted Sarah Palin's picture instead of the scene of the crash. Nah, still not much more interesting.

Whatdy'a know Joe? In Biden/ice cream news, the basic story is that Joe Biden has been to a lot of ice cream shops. As the SeattlePi puts it "[Biden] is simply out there visiting ice cream parlors and keeping his famous mouth shut except for a lick or two after a couple of somewhat embarrassing gaffes -- a tendency for which he has been notorious throughout his career." (from "The Disappearing Joe Biden", Dan K. Thomasson, Now there's nothing wrong with that, Joe. We've been known to shove ice cream in our mouths too, instead of risking making inappropriate comments.

If you haven't decided on your candidate yet, maybe your favorite ice cream story can help you shed some light!

"Yes, Pecan" image from and McCain/ice cream photo from


a said...

So, I'm brand new to your blog (annd I love it), and I worked at an ice cream shop over the summer that's top-notch. It's a local, homemade, one-shop ice cream. What's even better is, people can place custom orders with mix-ins online and ship their creations anywhere in the country. The owners are awesome and the ice cream is amaaaazing. ALSO, they have ice cream, gelato, AND sorbetto, all in one place.

So that sounds like a tot advertisement but I lovelovelove their unique flavors and their site is:

Being new to your site, I'm not sure if you've heard of/mentioned it before but I thought it was worth intro'ing to also this got VERY VERY wordy, and prob. rambling-esque (too much halloween candy?) but thanks for reading it anddd keep up the great blog!

serving-ice-cream said...

Loved the post! I've seen several other posts on the candidates and ice cream - but this one is by far the best! You really dug up a lot of info! Thanks!

Bethany said...

A: welcome! we are so glad to have you! we will for sure have to write about ecreamery. tina sent me the site a while back but we have yet to post anything yet -- thanks for the reminder. Maybe we can ask you some questions for our post?

serving-ice-cream: what a compliment! it is interesting how much ice cream came into play this election.



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