Saturday, October 11, 2008

We've Been Featured!

We are so excited to be featured on the fabulous! They emailed us a while back, asking for an interview and finally we got our act together and answered. This is really the only "behind the scenes" look at the Scoopalicious team, so if you are interested in history, you can find your answers here! Can't believe we never thought to ask ourselves these questions to share with our lovely readers...but alas, has, so enjoy!

Here is the full interview.


arianna said...

Wow - I remember the VT ice cream story *very* differently - first of all, I would never EVER have gotten apple ice cream, ew! Secondly, I recall Mom saying "I got coffee ice cream, yum, aren't you jealous?" and stuff like that, saying how she was so excited for it, and that's when it fell off the cone. Interesting, your memory of it compared to my own.

EB said...

Congrats! Very cool.

Bethany said...

I guess that is always the way, huh Arianna? We have totally different memories. But you know what, I am sure you are right about what you had for ice cream (you would know), and your version of the mom story sounds much more like mom. Ugh, should have consulted you first!

EB, thanks!


arianna said...

No need to consult me! It was great the way it was. I was just commenting, that's all. xo

Japanese Ice Cream said...

They have emailed me asking for an interview as well. I will answer their questions this weekend - of course not as well as you have, my guess.


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