Saturday, July 19, 2008

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Video Contest

Only 12 days to get in your video of what exactly you would (or maybe wouldn't) do for a Klondike bar. It's simple..have fun and show the world what ice cream will make you do. And what's even better you could be $100,000 richer because of it. Check out the site, there are some really creative folks out there or crazy people just really passionate about the yummy Klondike bar. Or not sure you want to get in front of a video you could also win $25,000 for just viewing and voting on your favorites.

I know, being ice cream obsessed you would think we would have our act together and have a video to share but not yet. Stay Tuned! But in the meantime enjoy these fun clips in the running to take home the cash.

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