Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blogalicious: Ice Cream Journal

Scoopalicious has a number of other favorite ice cream sites on its right hand side, and I keep a list of ice cream blogs in my Google Reader so that I can keep up with what is going on in ice cream land. Once in a while though, we like to give a special shout out to our neighbors in blogland.

Yesterday Tina and I got a lovely little "hi" email from our friends at Ice Cream Journal (Turkey Hill Ice Cream's Blog) and I thought it was due time to highlight their blog.

I love Ice Cream Journal for a lot of reasons. One of my favorite parts is "Ask Ernie" in which Ernie -- though I am not quite sure what his background is -- answers readers' questions about everything from specific queries about Turkey Hill Ice Cream to more general ones such as "What Causes an Ice Cream Headache?" Might it be no coincidence that my husband and I are naming our new puppy Ernie?

I also love keeping up with the surveys they post. Did you know that most people answering the current Turkey Hill survey proudly eat ice cream right out of the carton?

Though Ice Cream Journal rarely posts recipes for making your own ice cream (they do sell ice cream and it wouldn't make too much sense if they were giving out recipes to make your own), they do post a plethora of ways to use their ice cream from festive holiday snowballs of ice cream to today's Duetto Lemon Pie (thinking of you, former roommate Tara...!) And for those of you who do want to be a little creative and try making ice cream without a machine, the blog even has a recipe for, that's right, Tin Can Ice Cream. (And when you are done, you can use the cans to call next door to invite your neighbors to ice cream!)

Turkey Hill's Blog is a great one, and helps highlight the variety of blogs out there, from the small, do-it-yourselfers such as Tina and I, to the big companies who want to have a more personal voice like Turkey Hill...

I love making homemade ice cream, but when I am in the mood to buy it, it's Turkey Hill Choco Mint Chip all the way. The only way for it to be better? For me to call my friend Swati and invite her over to eat the mint chocolate chip out of the carton while watching TV together...

[Scoopalicious is celebrating National Ice Cream month with a Post-A-Day throughout the month of July!]


Turkey Hill Team said...

Thanks for the feature, Bethany!

Ernie has asked us to let you know, that although he would love to be known throughout the blogosphere as the mysterious ice cream expert from the Ice Cream Journal, his day job is as the supervisor of ice cream operations here at Turkey Hill Dairy (among other responsibilities).

Scoopalicious said...

Of course! We love you guys, THT!

Thank you for the clarification on Ernie! And let us know when Ernie retires. I think there is a queue of people to try and fill his shoes!

Anonymous said...

No matter what Ernie SAYS, he IS a mysterious ice cream expert, and as a friend of his wife, I can tell you he is one great guy! We love him and you picked a great namesake for the new member of your family!

BTW, I've already called his job, IF he ever retires!

Scoopalicious said...

Gin-Gin: Aw, too late, huh? Well, when you retire can I be next in line!? ;) I think Ernie the dog is living up to his namesake -- however, instead of being an ice cream taster, he is a taster of everything else, that mouthy little puppy! Thanks for the inside "scoop" on Ernie!

Tim said...

Good Job! :)


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