Monday, July 7, 2008

Artisan Gelato in NYC, Ciao Bella

Three days in NYC and no time for ice cream...a pure disgrace. After cruising by so many cool spots in the village to grab a scoop I ended up sniffing out a last resort creamery in Grand Central Station. And for my last chance at a scoop before heading home I sure stumbled upon a good one, the Ciao Bella Gelato Company. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! I can't say I've tried gelato too many times so this was a sweet treat. It was a hot and humid day in the city and I craved something refreshing so my choice of the day....Key Lime with Graham Cracker Swirl Gelato. This generous scoop was white in color, offered a sensational creamy texture with the perfect key lime tartness and graham cracker swirls throughout. This was SO good and the perfect flavor for a hot summer day. Ahhh, refrshing!

Ciao Bella of course has your typical favorites but it was the truly inventive options that intrigued me...Green Tea & White Chocolate Chunk, Red Bean, Venezualan Milk Chocolate...seriously the list goes on. According to their site they use top-notch ingredients imported from around the world and not only sell their wonderful creations at storefronts and by the pint in retail shops but top NYC restaurants and world renowned chefs call on them to provide truly experimental and decadant flavors. For a boutique creamery it sure sounds like they got a good thing going and if you read below,
they sure do. I definitely recommend this italian scoopable sensation that will not disappoint. Move over Ben & Jerry! (those could be fighting words I know!)

Bella was recently named one of the top brands on the verge by BRANDWEEK and is quickly becoming one of the nation’s most watched frozen desserts.

Ciao Bella has been named best gelato and best sorbetto by Real Simple Magazine.

Ciao Bella is the most awarded purveyor of artisanal gelato and sorbetto

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EB said...

Oh man do I love Ciao Bella! Especially the pumpkin flavor offered during the holidays. I also love the random 'Chef's Selection' flavors they offer. You never know what goodness you'll get.

Ivy said...

That flavor sounds so delicious!
I gotta see if they have one in L.A.! No time to waste. :)


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