Sunday, November 14, 2010

Entry #2 for Turkey Hill's Super Sundae Contest

So you've seen what Mom (aka me) came up with for the Turkey Hill Super Sundae Contest now here is what my creative daughter, age 5, built all by herself. I told her her mission was to make up a sundae with what we have in our cupboards. Her entry is titled "It's a Party"!

It's a Party
A raft of Marshmallows coated with Hot Fudge and Caramel sauce topped with Turkey Hill Party Cake Ice Cream and finished off with Whipped Cream and colored sprinkles and nonpareils.

Well her thoughts on why it is truly a party is because two friends can share it, it has Party Cake ice cream, it is loaded with full size marshmallows, it has fun colors and is coated with her all time favorite of sprinkles and nonpareils. Nothing we ever make or bake lacks sprinkles. I seriously should buy stock in them. I give her props for a fun looking sundae. Yes, I helped out a bit with the food styling but she loaded all the ingredients all by herself..mostly ;) I had to take away the chocolate sauce at one point or it would have been called It's a Party Boat floating away in sauce! The funny thing is she stacks the bottom with full size marshmallows (who would even eat those I know!) then she puts the sauces on top of them instead of the ice cream. So unless you stuff yourself with marshmallows you may not appreciate the yummy toppings. Regardless she had fun and it looks fantastic and that was the point. 

So once again...let's keep our fingers crossed that one of our entries is a finalist and we will be sure to let you know if you have the chance to vote for one of our fun sundaes.

Last day is today to enter...I probably shouldn't encourage you since it lowers my chances but I am always excited to see other creative entries too so feel free!

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