Thursday, September 4, 2008

The true scoop on our candidates

Not getting all political here. Just nice to know that our future president loves ice cream too! Even our presidential candidates won't let summer end without a scoop or two. The Obama and McCain teams both hit local shops on August 29th to share America's favorite dessert. Looks like its the cone vs. the dish!

Barack makes a stop at Windmill Ice Cream Shop in Aliquippa, Pa.,
for a good old fashioned Butter Pecan on a plain cone.

Double fisting! And one looks like two scoops. Biden doesn't fool around. According to this article Biden says, "I may have vices but this is my biggest one."  Well we here at scoopalicious sure can relate to that!

The McCain camp hits Concord, Ohio for some scoops. Looks like they don't like to get their hands dirty. Dishes of soft serve for the Republicans.

I think the debates would be much more interesting if they would debate the cone vs the dish or maybe soft serve vs hard ice cream. Seriously let's talk Mint Chocolate Chip vs plain old Vanilla. It's the right to cream that is!

Photos: Reuters


EB said...

The delegate from San Francisco says: Cone! Cone! Cone!

Turkey Hill Team said...

Great observation! We have to agree gotta go with the cone.

Dan P said...

Cone versus cup depends on the outdoor temperature and how fast or slow it take you to consume (or should I say eat/lick) the ice cream.
Cup in the summer and cone in the winter

James said...

For party favors, Jelly Belly is introducing a small cone dispenser filled with 1.5-ounces of the Ice Cream Parlor Mix of Jelly Belly flavors. Twist the top of the cone to dispense the beans.


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