Friday, August 15, 2008

Not just Mystic Pizza, Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream

Mystic CT, a true New England town tucked along the CT shore known by the infamous movie Mystic Pizza, delivers much more than just pizza. It goes way back to the shipbuilding days of the 1600s and is packed with quaint shops and restaurants , a beautiful coast, boating activities, world-class museums, and best of all....homemade ice cream shops. It is New England, and where there is a small town there is bound to be a small local ice cream shop somewhere. And here they were not hard to find.  

So come Victory Day, a random holiday only teeny RI would still celebrate (along with Hawaii), the family had two goals, the Mystic Aquarium and ice cream, of course. Loved the aquarium, so did the little one but it was hard trying to dodge the kids with their generic ice cream pops. I knew there was something so much better down the road at the seaport so I came up with every con to get my daughter to just wait. Now for a three year old that is like pure torture because anything that resembles ice cream is good to them. Luckily I succeeded and we went on our hunt for the real thing.
So as we head to the seaport area of course the first thing I see, from a mile away, is an ice cream shop sign. Tucked in an old building and attached to the historic drawbridge that let ships in and out of the port, was Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream. It is a quintessential shop along the coast with vintage press releases in the windows, mismatched furniture, rickety screen door, and a teeny porch sitting atop the sea. I knew I would love it here. Wow, was there lots of flavors to choose and very unique ones. Although i don't go for something totally unique, I was torn again so as usual I went with two, Mint Chocolate Oreo and Cafe Mocha Chunk. The consistency was super creamy on both and there was a good amount of oreo and quality chocolate chunks in each. The flavoring on the 
mint was fantastic but I couldn't really taste any mocha in the other. But I think that's what I get for mixing the two together. The mint definitely took over. Regardless I would go back. It was awesome!

As for the others, Holly always goes for Oreo with sprinkles which was good and typical and Scott's favorite is Rum Raisin, which you don't often find at shops, so he was pleasantly surprised to get it here. It actually had thick swirls of rum-infused sweetness and lots of raisins. Not my cup of tea but he raved about it. Worth noting though are a couple of their crazy flavors like Sticky fractured Finger, now doesn't sound tempting but its caramel ice cream with pieces of butterfinger and caramel swirl...YUM! Seriously why didn't I get that one, and another was Jamaica Me Nutty, chocolate and coffee ice cream with pecans, almonds, and walnuts...more reason to go back!

So as the rain bore down on us we nestled into this shop and waited out the storm with heavenly scoops from Mystic's best ice cream shop. I say that loosely because I did see another homemade ice cream shop across the street that I have yet to try but it surely was great and worth the wait.


Cakespy said...

Mystic is one of my favorite places in the WORLD!!! I think I might even have been to this place--is it near a gift shop called Whyevernot??

EB said...

So you're sending all your readers a tub of Sticky Fractured Finger right? Riiiiiight?

Bethany said...

EB, you can have my share. It's funny. Sometimes I can stand the word fingers in my food (chicken fingers, butterfingers) but others I can't (as in this case and ladyfingers...)

Bethany @ Scoopalicious

Tina said...

Hmm...I have a feeling this shop's comptetition is the one near that store Whyevernot, but its right across the street regardless. I rediscovered Mystic and love it too!

Anonymous said...

See them make their original Mystic Mud here!


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