Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get Dirty and Help Save a Farm!

A while back I got an email that said "Does this ice cream taste like dirt?" Oh great, I thought...Harry Potter brought us earwax tasting jelly beans, now dirt tasting ice cream? Still, curiosity got the better of me, and I opened the email...The email was from a woman who represents the Lancaster Farmland Trust -- yes, the same Lancaster where Turkey Hill is made. Turns out the two have a partnership and "since 2005, Turkey Hill Dairy has donated proceeds from the sales of its All Natural Recipe Ice Cream to the Lancaster Farmland Trust. Last year, the Dairy’s generosity enabled the Trust to preserve an additional 63 acres of prime farmland– a dairy farm owned by an Amish family in Fulton Township. They hope to do the same again this year." Pretty cool seeing as 1,000 acres of farmland in Lancaster County are being lost each year to development. (The Trust has preserved 20,000 acres to date!)

Also part of the email was a recipe that I have been anxious to try ever since I got the email...

Preservation Pie

1 chocolate pie shell (crust)
1 lb. mint-chocolate chips (or semi-sweet chips if preferred)

1 container (1.5 Quart) of Turkey Hill All Natural Recipe Ice Cream – Chocolate
1 8-oz. container Chocolate Whipped Topping
Green Jimmies

Allow the ice cream and whipped topping to soften until spreadable. Cover the bottom of the pie shell with up to ¾ of the mint-chocolate chips.

Stir the remaining chips into the ice cream. Spread the mixture into the pie shell, adding ice cream until you’ve filled to the top edge. Liberally cover the ice cream with the chocolate whipped topping. If you didn’t use all of the chips, sprinkle the remainder over the top with the green jimmies as decoration.

Freeze the pie until solid (allow at least 12 hours between preparation and serving). If frozen solid, it will cut more easily with a heated knife.

Makes 8 servings. Saves farms.

Sounds pretty good. The Farmland Trust rep who sent the recipe and photos, tells me "While Preservation Pie tastes outrageously good, it’s not so pretty." Who needs looks when you've got taste?

Here's to ice cream and good deeds. What could be finer?

Photos courtesy of Lancaster Farmland Trust.


Turkey Hill Team said...

Wow! That "Preservation Pie" looks great. All that's missing is a few little plastic cow figurines on top!

If you don't mind, we'd like to feature that recipe in an upcoming blog entry on the Ice Cream Journal. Speaking of blog entries, we've prepared a little shout out to our friends at Scoopalicious. Look for that on the Ice Cream Journal tomorrow!

EB said...

What a great way to donate! Love the pie.

Bethany said...

of course you can use it, THT! I checked with the Lancaster Farmland Trust and they said to go for it! If you can find some mini cows, send 'em along and I will use them next time we make Preservation Pie! AND thanks for the shoutout!

EB: I know, what could be finer? Ice cream and do gooding...!

Bethany @ Scoopalicious


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