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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Sonic Sweetheart Shake and Giftcard Giveaway

Neither Tina or I have a SONIC near us, so we "hired" my the fab duo of my sister and her boyfriend to do the dirty work for us...Payment was a date to SONIC on the $20 gift card the folks at SONIC had sent and all they had to do was write a short review. Sister Arianna went above and beyond...Thanks, A and Troy! Thanks SONIC for the gift card. 

Read to the end for a chance to win a SONIC gift card yourself!

Who needs flowers and candy on Valentine's Day?! My boyfriend and I had a very romantic Sonic date to celebrate the holiday.

We drove down to the Sonic in Wallingford, CT for our special night. Ever since discussing the idea earlier in the day, we’d both been really looking forward to our meal. We arrived and took our time perusing the menu, before making our final selections. We wanted to get a meal (me: veggie burger (I love Sonic’s veggie burgers!) and cheesy tots; Troy: a Philly cheesesteak and Ched ‘R’ Peppers), but our real purpose was to scope out the Chocolate Cherry Sweetheart Shake for Scoopalicious! We ordered that last...and the girl taking our order told us she was so sorry, they were out. She eagerly volunteered to make us a cherry shake with chocolate syrup or another sort of chocolate chips, and I just figured we’d have our meal and (what a shame) have to come back to Sonic another time. But Troy decided to explain that it was imperative that we get that shake like the one in the poster, because we were writing a blog post about it. -- Well, that changed things! Our amazing order-taker, Sydney (already having proved her merit by offering to make us her best equivalent shake) then said she’d place the rest of our order, and see what she could do about getting her hands on some of those chocolate chips! Apparently they searched high and low, and finally located some in the back of the top shelf of the fridge. Hurray! The Sweetheart Shake adventure was back on.

The view from our car window!
Our server Lindy came to the car with our food, and we had a great conversation with her about the veggie burgers and the work our boyfriends did (I believe hers was a glazier; Troy is a union ironworker). After the delightful conversation, we hungrily tore into our food, saving the shake for last. When we’d eaten, it was time for dessert. (The cherry on top, just like the one on our shake!) We both stuck a straw into the cup and tried it at the same time. It was divine! Which is especially amazing, since I’m normally not a big chocolate or cherry fan. But, so delicious. The flavors balanced so well; neither was too overpowering. The chocolate chips were a brilliant idea, because they added just the right amount of chocolate to an otherwise cherry shake. The whipped cream was maybe the best part. All together, it was the best dessert I’d had in a long time!

We ordered a large shake. Looks yummy, huh?

We sat there for quite a while, sharing the shake and discussing its merits. Since we were sipping from one cup, I felt like we must have been channeling Archie and his ladies at the Chok’lit Shoppe:

(Or this one, which I found when I was searching, and I had to add it because it just amused me so much!)

We did have one problem with the shake, if you could call it a problem: we ended up finding that spoons did a better job than straws! The shake itself was very thick, making drinking it through a straw already very difficult (especially because we were enjoying it, and wanted MORE, QUICKER!). But also, the chocolate chips - as awesome as they were! - just kept getting stuck in the straws! It was drinkable, and I wouldn’t be upset if someone gave me one while I was driving and couldn’t use a spoon, but it was just something we noticed. I would suggest asking for a spoon when you order.

All in all, we were fans. I’d definitely order the Sonic Sweetheart Shake again.

A and T, thanks for spending your Valentine's day at SONIC and enjoying a real Archie moment! BEST dessert you'd had in a long time?! I guess it wasn't too much of a pain for you to have to go for us then...Thanks T for explaining the situation and thanks to Sydney for searching high and low and allowing this post to come to be!

I visited SONIC's site and it looks like they are done selling their Sweetheart Shake (maybe next year?!) -- in the meantime, check out their menu (ice cream or other) and enter to win a $20 gift card.

Enter below:

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Banana-Rama Eight O’Clock Coffee Milkshake

So I received this recipe from Eight O'Clock coffee and was perplexed at when to try this recipe out. Do I go for it at breakfast, it does have bananas and coffee in it,  or why not kick it up with some Kahlua for a fun party cocktail. Well....I opted for neither since shakes aren't my thing at 8am and a school night wasn't the best timing for a cocktail so I made this exactly as you see  below and made it an early evening treat...just a little before Eight O'clock (get it!). Just looking at the amount of coffee made me realize probably not a good idea too soon before bed. But you be the judge it is 12am and I am writing this post! 

Banana-Rama Eight O’Clock Coffee Milkshake

1 1/2 cups cold Eight O’Clock Coffee Original Blend

2 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 Banana
2 Tbsp chocolate syrup
Crushed ice

Preparation: Combine ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth. Top with whipped cream and drizzle with chocolate syrup if desired.  

Variation: If you really want to pump up the coffee flavor, start by crushing frozen coffee ice cubes. Switch to chocolate ice cream for a truly chocolaty treat! Or kick it up and add some Kahlua!

Perfect coffee and banana blend. I was worried about a heavy coffee taste but it was just right and that little drizzle of chocolate brought it all together. Next time I am definitely going for the adult version!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spice Dish Saturday {October}: Chocolate Guinness Milkshake

One of our favorites, Guinness- milk chocolate ice cream as a  milkshake. Genius!
This is a take on David Lebovitz' Guinness-Milk Chocolate ice cream. I love that flavor, but was looking for something a little different for a party I was having a few weeks ago. I wanted a dessert-slash-adult beverage so I started with his basics and came up with a Chocolate Guinness Milkshake. It's a two-fer! Boozy and desserty! So tasty and unexpected. It's doesn't really taste like beer, more like the richest brownie you ever drank. 
I made it in the ice cream machine because it really does do 'frozen' cocktails well, but you could easily do this in the blender.

Chocolate Guinness Milkshake

5 oz chopped bittersweet chocolate
1/4 cup cocoa powder
4 egg yolks
1/2 cup sugar
pinch of kosher salt
3 cups half & half
1 cup Guinness
1 tsp amaretto

Warm the cocoa powder, 1 cup half & half, sugar and salt in a saucepan. In a bowl whisk the egg yolks together, then slowly add the warmed mixture to the yolks, whisking quickly. Once incorporated, pour mixture back into the saucepan. Let the mixture warm again over medium heat, stirring constantly until it is thick enough to cover the back of your spoon. Remove from heat and add the chocolate pieces. Whisk until the chocolate melts. Strain the mixture into a large bowl and whisk in the remaining half & half, amaretto and Guinness.

Chill thoroughly in the fridge. It should only take about 15-20 minutes of churning (depending on your maker) to get this to milkshake consistency. Plunk in a straw and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zagat's Rates Frozen Treats...what do you think?

1. Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops [WINNER]
2. Rita's
3. Culver's Frozen Custard
4. Baskin-Robbins
5. Carvel

Scoopalicious analysis: Of course Ben & Jerry's tops the list....awesome ice cream, awesome attitude, awesome style. Only downside I see is its a little more expensive and let's face it they don't offer the largest scoops but it is well worth the price. My fave...Phish Food. So their other picks are tough cause I think this depends on where you live. And as for Carvel...well they all closed near me but you can still get the Whale cake at our local grocery store! Final thought: Although hard to find Ciao Bella rates up there and there's always the local Friendly's that is sure to please.

1. Smoothie King [WINNER]
2. Jamba Juice
3. Pinkberry
5. Orange Julius

Scoopalicious analysis: Where can I find me a Smoothie King in New England cause I must try before I can truly give my scoopalicious opinion? Have to be honest I am not a smoothie expert so if anyone has thoughts on these winners let us know what you think. Does TCBY still exist? And Orange Julius reminds me of my younger used to make them at home too. YUM!

1. Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops [WINNER]
2. Dairy Queen
3. McDonald's
4. Cold Stone Creamery
5. Wendy's

Scoopalicious analysis: How did the Frosty at Wendy's make #5...seriously those are so good. Is it ice cream or is it a shake cause Lord knows you get instant brain freeze trying to immediately suck it through a straw but its worth the effort! Gotta say though that these are all good contenders. I might just have to hit a drive through on my way home from work today!

[Scoopalicious is celebrating National Ice Cream month with a Post-A-Day throughout the month of July!]

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Scream for Connecticut Ice Cream!

I was born and bred in Connecticut, so it is only due time that I give a shout out to some ice cream in the Nutmeg State. (No, didn't have any nutmeg ice cream while I was there...hmmmm...)

A couple of weeks ago I was in Connecticut. I had ice cream with my lovely sister Sarah of ReBooK and brother in-law Liam...then I told my favorite younger sister (she just turned 27 the other day -- Happy Birthday, Arianna!) of our ice cream escapades, and she wanted ice cream too, so on the way back from Connecticut to Massachusetts, we exited I-84 for some creamy goodness.

Sweet, Sweet Claude's...

Sarah, Liam and I ended up in Cheshire (as Tina and I are both graphic designers I am going to add a little designer fact here -- information graphics guru Edward Tufte lives in Cheshire. Who knew?!) because Liam was on a mad quest for Mahjong and after call after call, Sarah finally found it in Cheshire at Toyz Toy Store. Whew!

Liam and Sarah promised awesome ice cream if I took a ride with them, and who was I to resist toys and ice cream. We stopped at Sweet Claude's Ice Cream (though they seemed to have a website posted on their wall, I couldn't find it online, and when I called to confirm, they said they do not have one, so this is the best I could get...). There was a group of people getting ice cream in front of us and only one girl at the counter, so the wait was a bit long, but it allowed for me to drool over the menu of many flavors, toppings, and homemade sauces...and admire the beautiful antique ice cream paraphernalia all over the shop.

In the end I decided on my old favorite, Cookies 'n' Cream. Sarah was a bit disappointed (as was I) that her favorite, Sweet Cream, was no longer on the menu (the girl at the counter said it would come back occasionally as a special), so she ordered vanilla with strawberry sauce, whipped cream and a cherry, which though missing the Sweet Cream base, she said was "pretty amazing". This looked and tasted so good, that contrary to my rule of vanilla only with toppings (I am a purist -- flavored ice cream, no toppings; vanilla ice cream, toppings), I added this topping to my C'n'C. It was amazingly good! Liam ordered a strawberry milkshake, "which," my sister says, "he pretty much always enjoys." The ice cream didn't disappoint, and even though I ordered a small, it seemed to me what would be a large everywhere else. Being so good, I finished it, but I probably should have stopped a bit sooner than I did!

Go Huskies!

Later on in the day, as Arianna and I drove back to Massachusetts, we spoke of ice cream again, and Arianna having had missed out on the first trip asked if we could stop somewhere for ice cream. Me, turn down ice cream? Never! Talk ended up on the UConn Dairy Bar on the Storrs Campus, so we kind of spur of the moment pulled off the highway, and drove the few miles to the University of Connecticut (where, I might add, I had not stepped foot on the campus in over 10 years, when I went with my AP European History class -- thanks for taking us, Ms. Kowitch -- to see Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel speak at the Gampel Pavilion and then finished the day at the Dairy Bar).

Seeing as I hadn't been there in ten years, I took the wrong road to the Dairy Bar and drove Arianna on a tour of the Agricultural School. It was a beautiful day, and a nice drive, even though we managed to circumnavigate the Dairy Bar without even knowing it, so getting there took a little longer than expected. Finally, we found it and both Arianna and I ordered the cake batter ice cream. Good? "I've had better," Arianna said, and I wholeheartedly agreed. It was good, but wasn't what you expect when you think cake batter. It was creamy and sweet though, and clearly the UConn Dairy Bar was good enough for me to remember and want to visit again ten years later...). My apologies for the not-so-great phone photo -- I wasn't expecting the detour, so didn't have my camera!

Well, hats off to you Connecticut! You brought us the first newspaper, the first public art museum, the cotton gin, and some pretty darn good ice cream.

And guess what I just found out? You also gave us the first ice cream making machine! Thank you, thank you, Connecticut!

(Connecticut Firsts discovered at About Connecticut)


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