Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rocky Road: The Movie

Yes, seriously. A movie called Rocky Road about ice cream! We like ice cream and we like movies, that's why we were pretty excited to hear about this new flick.

Sunday, July 20 is National Ice Cream Day and also the premiere of UP's original Rocky Road. Head over to your UP channel and tune in at 8PM. 

We can't tell you how it will be, but it looks like a sweet (yes, pun intended) story about a wall street banker who gets laid off, moves home, and drives an ice cream truck. Could be kind of cheesy, but it's ice cream and movies and it's on the UP network, which means it promises to be "uplifting." (Don't know what UP is? I didn't either. Check it out here.) I'll try to catch it, because if it makes you happy, even cheesy can be good!

And it stars Mark Salling of Glee fame, if that catches anyone's fancy.

But as LaVar Burton would say, "You don't have to take my word for it!"* Check out the preview below.

*On a non-ice cream note, if this quote is lost on you or if brings back fond memories, head over to Kickstarter to see how Burton is bringing his signature line! Whee!


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