Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brigham's: Mocha Almond

I brought Brigham's Mocha Almond for my husband. I wasn't expecting to like it, but like all ice cream, I'll try it.

Clearly, it was well loved by my husband.
And he's true to his word. He ate a lot of it!
I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't bitter at all. It was quite mild. Those who really like coffee might be disappointed. I don't like coffee, but it wasn't too coffee-y! I tasted the chocolate and maybe some coffee (but not enough to bother me) and I loved crunch the almonds added (and I am also not nuts over nuts in my ice cream...)

My husband reported that "It wasn't as strong as I thought it would be, which just means I'll eat a lot of it!" He also noted that he liked that it abbreviated to MA, just like Massachusetts! (He's a little silly, sometimes.)

My mom tried it as well, simply reporting that "Both of these are really good!" (Stop by tomorrow for the other flavor she tried!)

Would I buy it again? For me? No. (There are just other flavors I'd prefer.) Would I steal some from my husband's carton? For sure!

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Lavis Kavin said...

OH! Great post..I was so impressed I've found this kind of blog..Thanks.

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