Friday, June 8, 2012

Another indulgent year at Scooper Bowl


Thankfully Mr. Weatherman was wrong. Sun brought crowds and fun. 
We met at 5:30 and looks like we weren't the only ones having an ice cream dinner.

Can you guess what the blue one is? We couldn't!

Volunteer scoopers hard at work.

Ben and Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt is a hit.

My favorite of the day...SoCo Creamery.

SoCo Creamery can't scoop fast enough.

Now these are diehards. Looks at all those cups.

All for a good cause. My daughter loves her new hat.

I am almost embarrassed to admit all that we tried but that is what you're there for! Some brands offered their tried and true flavors while some ventured out. Sort of felt like every one was serving up Cotton Candy but then again this is an event for kids too and if I had my daughter there that is what she would be eating...not the Mission Fig. I think the booth that inspired and intrigued us the most was SoCo Creamery. I had heard of them before but never actually tried them. They definitely had a crowd and offered up the most unique flavors. 

And drum roll for all the flavors we taste tested (see below). Funny thing is my husband called me on the way home asking what I wanted for dinner. Silly question...we had ice cream!

Soco Creamery
Lemon Poppy Seed (Tina's top pick!)

Salted Caramel (Bethany's top pick!)
Mission Fig
Cake Batter

Passion Fruit Sorbet (SO refreshing)
Malted Milk Ball Gelato
Strawberry Gelato 

Splish splash
Lunar cheesecake (A 1969 flavor revisited! Bethany's second?)
Super Fudge Truffle (worthy of seconds)
Icing on the cake

Hood Bear Creek Caramel
Hood Maine Blueberry and Sweet Cream

Peppermint Stick

Espresso Chip
Rainbow Sherbert (Another very refreshing flavor)

Hunka chunka PB Fudge
Graham Central Station
Rockin Poppin Cotton Candy

Mint Chocolate Chip
Holy Cow

Chocolate therapy (OMG!)
Americone Dream
Blueberry Vanilla Graham Greek Froyo


Janelle said...

I had the Lunar Cheesecake a few weeks ago at BR, but I didn't realize it was a revival. It was really good, though.

Lucy Hill said...

Wow! Ice cream for summer is really a must have! :) Sweets!
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Lynda Bay said...

Sweet ice creams. Summer would always be nothing without ice cream.

Leona Davis said...

That blue! What is that blue one? LOL! It looks heavenly...


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