Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Best Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Do you agree?

Ask my daughter what Mom's favorite ice cream is and she screams...Mint Chocolate Chip! My dilemma every time I get ice cream is that I have to have Mint Chocolate Chip but want to branch out and try something new so that leaves me always having to get two scoops. Tough problem to have I know! So when I saw this article on Kitchen Daily I had to share. They rate our own favorite Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie as #1...what do you think? Well I went through them all and maybe agree but I also really like Turkey Hill's Choco Mint Chip. The chocolate is more like shavings then chips and its throughout rather than scattered. And it is super creamy. No not premium tasting like BandJ but still good. Probably why they say they "mildly recommend"but I like it and give it a thumbs up. I haven't tried Talenti's gelato but I so love the simple packaging that this one needs to go on my long list of "must tries." And luckily my local grocer carries it. 

Give a shout out to your favorite Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!


Janelle said...

B&J's is the best by virtue of the fact that it's mint and COOKIES instead of mint and chips. I also like Breyer's brand -- it's smooth and cool.

Sarah said...

Ben and Jerry's by far has the best ice cream. I am blogging about my journey of eating every flavor of Ben and Jerry's and you can't compare other ice creams to B&J's. It is amazing what the differences are between B&J's and other brands.


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