Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who loves MOO...we do! (Review and giveaway to follow...stay tuned!)

Would you like to try our products and share your experience with your readers? 


First off we realize this is not specifically ice cream related but we are both designers who admire the MOO products and we knew we could get something for our scoopalicious blog that could inspire readers and other bloggers. We sure hope this does because the end results really excite us! And we also hope so because stay tuned for a MOO giveaway that could be yours. We'll post about that soon so be sure to check back.

So MOO sends us each a credit and B and I probably each looked at the site 100 times trying to figure out what to do with it. What they offer is so cool that is was a tough decision….business cards, post cards, greeting cards, labels, stickers, etc. Okay I'll admit it…that doesn't sound cool. It's actually the customization that is pretty cool. They call it Printfinity. Hard to explain so click here to see what its all about. 

Simple and cool MOO packaging
So what did we create?? Bethany just happened to be heading for her VIP tour to Ben and Jerry's (so jealous) so she chose to make business cards using all our great ice cream photos to hand out to whomever she met from the scoop shop employee to the new Ben and Jerry CEO (yes she had lunch with him. And yes, I am very jealous once again…seriously an amazing experience). I digress and back onto MOO. Me, I am putting together an Ice Cream themed basket for my daughter's school raffle and made some great ice cream themed greeting cards and round stickers to go with them. I was torn though..I have seen their mini cards and so wanted to get them but thought it'd be a waste since B got cards and we as a blog only hand out so many actual cards. But check out the mini cards. They are so friggin cute and definitely are conversation starters.

Ice cream themed greeting cards
Business cards with different ice cream related images on the backs

We both anxiously awaited our packages. Mine totally surprised me at work because I forgot I had it shipped there. Love surprise packages! First off they have great and simple packaging. The designer in me really appreciates packaging. You know if they pay attention to the package and branding that the product inside has to live up.  And that it did! The greeting cards and stickers were perfect and I'll admit, better than I expected. The paper and printing are premium. The paper is a thick matte finish and the color of the photos really holds up nicely. Very impressed with the quality of the image on the paper. I had such a hard time choosing what photos to use on the cards. At first I had 25 images (one per card) but then decided I would choose the images with the best color and styling. So I ended up using maybe 8 images and got about 3 cards per image. I left them blank inside so they can be used as simple notecards for any occasion. I'll also admit I am bummed to have to give most of them away :( but for a good cause. The round stickers are fun too. I made multiple versions using scoopalicious branding that can be used for different occasions throughout the year. Some say Sweet, Thanks, Happy Birthday, Hi…so when we mail a card, make tags, or whatever the project we have many to choose. Again, the idea that you can choose a product and have different versions of that same purchase is awesome. 

Super fun stickers

In summary….Yes, there are cheaper printing options out there for these types of products but I will definitely say MOO products are a step above. And credit or no credit from MOO I'll stand by that. As designers we are always printing projects and believe me we have seen the best and worst of custom printing. You'll pay a little more at MOO but will get more than you expect. And what makes them different and why I'd choose MOO over others is the Printfinity technology that allows you to use multiple images on the same project. Every holiday I am torn between what family photo to use and with MOO you can use a different image on every card if you wanted to. So super cool! It's such a great concept for businesses/bloggers/artists with a portfolio of images they can showcase on cards or maybe the mom creating play date or holiday cards.

So fun to customize the back of the card.

Thanks MOO for letting us try your goods and share them with our readers. 

Great gift idea: Bundle of custom scoopalicious cards and stickers
Come back and visit us...MOO has so graciously offered up a giveaway and we'll be posting about it very soon!!!


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EB said...

I just ordered another whole gaggle of their mini cards last month! Love them.

Simona said...

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Simona said...

Hi guys!If you love stickers you should totally try your luck on 1800postcards.com giveaway stickers:
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