Friday, January 27, 2012

Fried Ice Cream Friday

I had never had fried ice cream until New Year's Eve. You would think I would have tried it a the Minnesota State Fair where everything is deep fried, but I didn't see it when I went. Luckily, I have a new source. My brother-in-law is the king of deep frying! ☺ Since almost no one in my family is really that into New Year's, we've kind of started this tradition of "Deep Fried New Year's" -- yep, we go out with a bang, before starting afresh in the New Year.

This year, the hit of the party was fried ice cream. Deep fried ice cream takes commitment. You can't just decide you want deep fried ice cream. It takes preparation. Though I wasn't there for the prep, there's a lot of scooping, coating, and freezing to be done.

My brother-in-law used Rick Browne's The Frequent Fryers Cookbook, which apparently hasn't been purchased by the public that frequently because it is unfortunately out of print.

Anyway, I urge you to try fried ice cream at the store. Order it next time it is offered at a restaurant or find a recipe online (perhaps this one by Emeril?) if you can't procure a copy of The Frequent Fryers Cookbook. I can't quite explain the goodness of fried ice cream, but it's truly worth trying.

Deep fried photo courtesy of Larry Schlegel © 2011.


Marsha said...

Congratulations on your first fried-ice-cream experience! Isn't it awesome stuff? I am particularly fond of the cornflake-encrusted variety. :) Pretty much any sit-down Mexican restaurant serves it, so keep that in mind the next time you have a craving and haven't planned ahead.

arianna said...

Don't forget that you DID try Turkey Hill Fried Ice cream at Sarah's baby shower! Not quite the same thing, but still a good approximation, and DELICIOUS! :)


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