Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Super Sundae Recipe Contest by Turkey Hill starts now

Turkey Hill is at it again with another fun contest, the Super Sundae Contest, and this time its all about coming up with an awesome recipe for a sundae, creating it, naming it, taking fabulous photos of it, and submitting by Nov 14th. How fun and somewhat think! Well I say that but when I try to think of what kind of sundae I would create I draw blanks but I do know that chocolate is part of the equation and I am going to enter so look out for a sneak peek in the near future.

Oh and I think the hard part of this all could be the photos as they talk about in a recent blog post about food photography and the fact that the sundaes will be judged 50% on the recipe and 50% on the photo so even more pressure. This is always my challenge when I make some ice cream then try to shoot it to post. Inevitably it starts turning into soup before I get that great shot. So this could be even trickier seeing that a hot sauce could be involved as well as whipped cream but I guess if one melts I eat it then try again. Oh that really stinks!

Oh and the important part...the prizes! Turkey Hill is going to choose four of their favorite entries and post for you to vote on (hopefully mine will be there!) and the sundae with the most votes will get a super sundae prize package containing 10 free containers of Turkey Hill ice cream, a set of six Bormioli Rocco waffle cone-inspired glass sundae dishes, a Tovolo Standz Ice Cream Scoop, and a jar of Ghirardelli chocolate fudge sauce. And so nobody goes home empty handed, each finalist will also receive a one-month supply of Turkey Hill ice cream...not so shabby!

I'll be sure to share the trials and tribulations of my sundae creations. Good luck and can't wait to see the results!


Ivy said...

HI! So good to see you!
This sounds fun! Thanks!

Turkey Hill Team said...

Thanks for the mention! We were actually wondering yesterday if maybe the photo part was scaring some people off from participating. Should we eliminate the photo requirement and just make it a recipe contest?

Tina said...

hmmm...I love that part of the challenge (but I guess my post didn't make it sound that way!) so tough for me to say but it is all about the ice cream. Maybe its not exactly 50/50 on creation vs photo. Regardless I will take a shot at it!


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