Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shoppe Review : Udderly Delicious [Lincoln, NH]

Udderly Delicious was, umm, udderly delicious! It was an extremely hot and muggy summer night as usual in New England so one thing was in store on our little family trip to New Hampshire, ice cream. After a visit to our favorite restaurant, The Woodstock Inn (Apres ski is a must in winter!) I insisted even though it was past bedtime that we hit up the ice cream shoppe I had eyed earlier in the day. All I had to read was "homemade" and I was sold and insistent on getting there before the trip was over. Of course day one we made it. No time to waste!

So with very full bellies from dinner we headed on to Udderly 
Delicious, a homemade ice cream shoppe somewhat hidden between buildings (and on the first floor of rental apartments with guys on the porch above drinking I said it was hot out!) on Main Street that its easy to pass. It's also overshadowed by a typical outdoor ice cream stand a block away that had a long line but that was for amateurs, this was homemade ice cream we're talking about, big difference. It did have a couple picnic tables outside that we were lucky to score and with it being on Main Street it was a great people watching spot being smack dab in the middle of the little town. So this shoppe with beer drinkers above and neon signs inside may not be the quaintest New England stand but the ice cream is well worth it and it had its own character! 

So as I said it was true New England summer night....insanely hot and muggy so it swayed my choice in flavors a bit. I needed something refreshing so I opted for one of my favorites and not often found, Ginger. And because I always have to get two flavors in case one disappoints, I also chose Black Raspberry. SOOOOO good. The ginger was super creamy with a perfect mix of bits of ginger and perfect flavor, not too overwhelming ginger taste and the Black Raspberry was so smooth and fresh and it complimented the Ginger perfectly. The servings are quite big...see the picture which doesn't do the size justice...that is a small! This was probably one of the best Ginger ice creams I have tasted. It was just so fresh and smooth and just had a wonderful texture. 

I have to say I am glad we made the stop even though we weren't sure about fitting it in after dinner because the ice cream was awesome and on a hot summer night of vacation there was nothing to complain about once there. If you ever find yourself in Lincoln NH definitely try it out.

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