Friday, June 27, 2008

Girl Scouts meet Dairy Queen

The wonders of a Thin Mint cookie! Seriously I think my box was gone in a day but now there is one more way to get my fix. I don't often frequent Dairy Queen since there isn't one close by and I am always on the hunt for homemade creations but it is one of those places that brings back childhood memories. The great ice cream treat haven just announced their new summer concoction, the Thin Mint Blizzard. It's their super creamy ice cream with pieces of Thin Mint cookie throughout topped off with Creme De Menthe. This could be worth the trip!

Did you know?

*Dairy Queen first opened in 1940 in Jolliet, IL

*An All Beef Chili & Cheese foot long hotdog is 690 calories & 45 grams of fat!!!! (stick with the ice cream, may be fattening but so more worth it!)


Ivy said...

Niiiice! I love Samoas though. I can't stop eating them until the box is gone.

Bethany said...

Sounds yummy T! I have to say, my fav DQ treat though is the vanilla soft serve with the cherry dip.

There was talk today by my brother-in-law of DQ, but that was before my aunt's picnic which had more food than could feed an army. Needless to say, passing by DQ after that, though tempting, was unfathomable...

Ivy: yes. I love samoas too...that might be a good flavor to concoct...problem is though that we might need to wait until GS Cookie time to do that...bummer, man, bummer!


Cakespy said...

A combination both unholy and delicious, all at once. Fantastic!

oh, and I'd never touch one of those hot dogs, I guess this validates me! :-)

Jennifer from Ohio said...

Oh my goodness that sounds delicious. Thanks for letting me know what to be on the lookout for at Dairy Queen!

Tina said...

Anything mint is good in my book but anything made with GS Thin Mints has to be even better! I actually am going somewhere this week that passes a DQ...think I'll have to stop and will hopefully report back.

World Changer Seeking Adventure said...

i had it on June 30.





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