Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

I know we have been a little slack about posting daily for National Ice Cream Month. A lot has changed over the years from when we started this blog and we wish we could post more often -- but alas, it is what it is. But we aren't going to get away without posting a wish of a very happy National Ice Cream Day and a thank you and shout out to Ronald Reagan for recognizing the goodness of ice cream!

A very mini version of the raspberry shortcake!
How did you celebrate?

I celebrated yesterday with my annual ice cream party. With two kids under three, this party has gotten a lot more mellow than years past and I only made about fifteen flavors. I bought some and guests brought some -- both homemade and store bought -- and there was more than enough for everyone! I hope to post soon some recipes and new favorite store bought flavors.

Today I celebrated with the company of dear friends and a dish of raspberry shortcake: Bisquick (the "quick" was key!) shortcakes, raspberries freshly picked from mom and dad's garden, homemade violet ice cream (recipe to follow soon!), and local whipped cream. A perfect treat on a perfect day.

Hope yours was as good as mine!

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Anonymous said...

icecream is such a yummy thing that i take it everyday. it relieves stress also.
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