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I already raved about my awesome sister, right? She's AWESOME. (I actually have two sisters and they are both awesome, but this shout out is to Arianna...She just surprised us with ANOTHER guest post. Thanks, A!)

Treat yourself to our new crave-worthy Iced Coffee flavors.
 Inspired by the taste of Baskin-Robbins® ice cream, 
Mint Chocolate Chip and Old Fashioned Butter Pecan
 flavored Iced Coffees are the perfect indulgence. 
Scoop up the fun with America's Favorite Iced Coffee today.
Image & copy courtesy of Dunkin Donuts.

In early August, I received an email from Dunkin Donuts letting me know they had these new ice cream-flavored iced coffees available, and since I know that my sister doesn't like coffee, I emailed her to let her know I'd take one for the team, if I had to...! Haha. It took me a while to actually get around to trying the drinks, but when I did, they were absolutely worth it! And very refreshing on a hot day - did you know that this July was the hottest on record for the U.S.?! So iced coffees have been a lifesaver this summer.

In any case, I stopped by a Dunkies on my way home from work one evening, and this was the result of my efforts:

Here the treats are, in my car's cupholders!

I tried a sip of each one immediately. The butter pecan was very creamy and rich, and the mint chocolate chip was extremely minty, with a rich dark chocolate blended in. I couldn't get over how much both of them tasted exactly like the ice creams they were supposed to be emulating! It was like drinking ice cream, to me.

I wanted to enjoy more, but I held off, as I knew I had a few people hanging out at my house that evening who could help me evaluate. We all tried the coffees several times, and the general consensus was that the butter pecan actually tasted like coffee too (I hadn't noticed it, but it did have a coffee-flavored aftertaste), while the mint chocolate chip didn't at all, really (that could have been due to the copious amounts of chocolate lining the bottom of the plastic cup!). I figured that was a good thing to report, for those who might want the refreshment and caffeine jolt of an iced coffee in the summer, but aren't big on the whole coffee flavor. We all noticed how rich and flavorful the coffees were, but, then again, that could have partly been due to the cream and sugar -- that isn't my normal coffee M.O., but I figured the ice cream coffees would be best to try fixed that way.

In any case, they were a hit, and they went quickly!

I'd probably be more inclined to recommend them for a dessert rather than a morning coffee, though, much like the Oreo Coolatta currently being offered (I tried a sip of my friend's, and it tasted quite a bit like cookies & cream ice cream!). Quite enjoyable, but very sweet, and probably too rich for everyday consumption, in my humble opinion. But I'd definitely recommend them to ice cream aficionados.

Well, that's all for me for now. Enjoy the last few days of summer, everyone! Thanks for letting me post.

We thank YOU, Arianna, for posting!

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