Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Magnum Ice Cream Bars Make a "Red Carpet Premiere" in the U.S.

A couple of weeks ago, we got an email from Magnum Ice Cream asking if we wanted to try their new ice cream bars. It's funny: to me it's never a question of "Do we want samples?" (Of course we do!) but instead should be "We have ice cream to send you. What's your address? Can we send it to arrive on Tuesday morning?" (Yes. You can keep my address on file. You don't even need to ask about sending ice cream -- well actually, you do. Unfortunately with ice cream, you have to plan to be home to receive the package or you come home to melted ice cream and empty bags that once held dry ice, but you know what I mean…)

But I digress. They sent three boxes of bars to each of us: Classic, Almond, and Double Chocolate. Normally, I'm a classic girl. I love vanilla ice cream enrobed in chocolate. And the Magnum vanilla ice cream enrobed in chocolate…it was yummy. I mean, really really yummy. But then a few days later I took out a Double Chocolate bar. I can't say that's what I really wanted, but I had to try them all (in the name of fair reporting, right?). Well, wow. I hadn't really read the package and I was surprised by a layer of gooey fudge between the chocolate ice cream and the hard chocolate shell. Yum. All I kept doing was wishing my mom lived closer so I could bring her one. She's a huge chocolate fan and I could see her LOVING it.

But good news for mom and the rest of you -- even if you aren't as blessed as Tina and I to get ice cream samples delivered to your front door -- Magnum, a classic that has been around in many parts of the rest of the world for years -- is now available in the states!

Magnum social media bannersIf you visit Magnum via their Walmart link, you can vote for your favorite flavor (or, if you haven't tried them yet, what you think would be your favorite flavor) and get $1 off a three pack of bars.

Further news is that tomorrow at the Tribeca Film Festival, Magnum be premiering films that they have collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld -- Lagerfeld has created, produced, and directed these films and they star Rachel Bilson. If you are as curious as we are about these short films, follow Magnum Ice Cream on Facebook for updates and the consecutive release of these three short films over the coming weeks. We're hoping they are films about ice cream. Wouldn't that be sweet...


Tina said...

I have to agree with Bethany...these were yummy! I always loved Dove bars but these go above and beyond. The chocolate is so awesome and thick and the ice cream is super creamy. Seriously worth trying as a special treat for yourself.

Bethany said...

Actually, visit Magnum's Pleasure 365 Facebook page for the film:

arianna said...

I just saw an ad for these in the sidebar of my Facebook! Way to be on the cutting edge, ladies! ;)

Anonymous said...

The bars are great, but I wonder how the US market will react to the name given the association with the condom brand. I'm also starting to think there's no accident here - the bars are larger than the noticeably downsized Dove and Haagen-Dasz bars and the wrappers are GOLD just like the condom wrappers! My teenage son cracked up when he saw this.

Janelle said...

I finally tried a Magnum bar this week -- double caramel. It was good, but it was not a mind-blowing experience. I'd expected more, based on many reviews I'd read, and the fact that the commercials were short films rather than actual commercials (an attempt to convey decadence, lavishness, luxury). I certainly wouldn't argue with having another, though. :)


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