Friday, February 11, 2011

Ice Cream Bread

Violet is sleeping, Kevin is at the gym, and I am writing about ice cream. Oh, and eating it. Healthy me!

Anyway, this is a bit overdue but clearly a must post because I got emailed two separate links the same day on the subject: ice cream bread!

Say what? Yes, apparently the rage is to mix equal parts of ice cream and self rising flour and you get an ugly-but-yummy bread. Who knew?

First, the lovely Marsha of First Things First sent me a link from InstructablesIce Cream Bread -- Ka-POW! (I just love the name). Apparently this was part of the bread contest that Instructables is having. I wonder if I can still vote. This one has my vote! Darn, it's too late, but Phyllo, good luck! I'm rooting for you!

Ice Cream Bread photo courtesy of
Nutrition Man
Then my lovely husband who seems to spend his day surfing the web (just kidding, Company-that-husband-works-for!) found a link and sent it to me later in the day. Oh, it seems to be a link to the same recipe but Kevin sent me the link as it appeared on Boing Boing and they aptly called it "Fugly Bread." It's true. It's not gorgeous looking, but it does have potential to be yummy!

I'm going to try it in the next couple of weeks. Boing Boing suggests it's probably more like a cake than a bread. To me it looks like scones. Ok, wait, actually, on first glance it looks like fried chicken! All the same, my wheels are turning and I just need the ingredients and the time.


arianna said...

Self-rising flour can sometimes be difficult to find in the Northeast...but I know that most Stop & Shops around here at least sell the Aunt Jemima brand of it. Don't also forget though that you can make your own! :) (Thanks to you for that site, Bethany.)

I can't wait to see how this turns out - sounds *delicious*.


Bethany said...

Hey thanks, A! At least there is a way to "make" self-rising flour -- on the other hand (and totally unrelated), you can't find pasteurized eggs in the northeast but you can't make those yourself.


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