Friday, September 3, 2010

Artisan Gelato Philly Style at Capogiro priorities while away on girl's weekend in Philadelphia..sleeping (with a 1 year old its limited), eating (I never realized Philly is such a foodie town), cocktails (given!), and of course, ice cream! So as I am sipping my totally yummy sangria at the coolest Mexican place, El Vez, I notice across the street this cool and busy artisan Gelato shop, Capogiro. Unfortunately time did not allow to go afterwards but I made a mental note and knew we'd be back. 

So day 2 of Philly after a long day of exploring Chestnut Hill, which by the way is the quaintest little shopping area on the outskirts, and other parts of Philly we headed to Capogiro for a something sweet. OMG...all the gelato flavors looked to die for. My dilemma began cause I could only choose two. I suppose I could have more but didn't want to ruin dinner (at an awesome french bistro Parc ..if in Philly check it out) 

My ultimate decision...Rich Dark Chocolate and Dulce de Leche. Seriously the chocolate  gelato was the best I have ever had. It was super rich almost like a fudge brownie but not overwhelming and the sweetness of the caramel balanced it out. I must say they were both great choices. I do have to add though that it was not cheap. I think I paid $4.75 for a small (pic makes it look big..but not really).

But with that said Capogiro prides themselves on using pure, natural and fresh ingredients taken from Pennsylvania's farmlands and local dairy farms. Their flavors are all based on what's in season so the menu changes monthly or I bet daily sometimes. 

You can actually order online which could always be a fun gift idea for us ice cream lovers.


Ivy said...

Isn't the chocolate our of this WORLD!

The Frozen Fix said...

FYI- It's not, Cap Giro... It's Capogiro

But yes, it's amazing!

Tina said...

Thanks Frozen Fix...bad logo cause that so doesn't look like an O but regardless u think I would have seen it on the website after checking it out! Thanks...and I'd definitely go back because the gelato is to die for whatever the name!

The Frozen Fix said...

No prob. I used to live in Philly and that was my favorite gelato place!

Andrea Mitchell said...


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Andrea Mitchell


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