Monday, March 21, 2011

What's New: Bacetti's Dreamy Treats

Is it a Gelato? Yes

Is it a Candy ? Yes
Is it a Chocolate ? Yes

It is a dreamy treat !!

And that's how the brother and sister duo at Bacetti describe the wonderful gelato bites derivative from Tuscan, Italy that they bring to West Coast retailers. Unfortunately I can't attest for them since they haven't reached the East Coast yet but these look like the perfect portion of sweet and creamy and we thought worth spreading the word about. Plus we always love to support small independent brands too. So what actually is's a super cute individually wrapped bite of smooth gelato covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate. And the name is even cute. Bacetti in italian means "little kisses." What's not to love!

I also have to give them props on their brand design and website. For us as designers that is the icing on the cake or whipped cream on the sundae I should probably say..cheesy I know but true. The brand is smart and sophisticated yet cute and approachable at the same time. And the web site itself is a dreamy treat. Worth checkin out for it's simplicity in creativity, design and photography. Love it! And if only I could actually try Bacetti I am sure I would love it too! Since my husband goes to San Fran often I just might send him on a field trip.


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